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Hobart Airforce 40i Full Review – 9 Things You Need to Know

Airforce 40i is one of Hobart’s premium plasma cutters and one of the most advanced and powerful machines in the market, given the fact its weights only 21 lbs. What’s really different about this machine is the attention it gives to a very needed element for a person who deals with hard materials, like metals: the comfort and ease of the user’s experience.

Regardless of what you would use this cutter for, you would find a wealth of control and comfort options you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

Hobart’s superior machine has lots of other mind-blowing advantages to look at. We will dive deep into this Hobart Airforce 40i Review into what this plasma cutter provides, what are the negatives of it and its effect on the machine’s experience.

Hobart AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter, Model:500576

Who is Hobart Airforce 40i for?

This machine is ideal for a person:
1. Looking for a Top-notch user experience
2. Seeks a versatility and powerful performance
3. Needs a plasma cutter for non-industrial, or light industrial, or even occasional
4. Heavy industrial uses
5. Wants a well-reputable brand name.

Where are Hobart plasma cutters manufactured?

Hobart machines are produced in the United States.

Hobart Airforce 40i Pros & Cons

  • Great user experience, especially with the comfortable cutting torch
  • Powerful and clean cuts
  • Suits bad condition metals with painted or coated surfaces.
  • Dual voltage machine
  • Portable and featherweight
  • Advanced safety options
  • Long-life machine and consumables
  • Fast machine
  • Substandard poly-coated ground clamp wire.
  • Short power cord

What makes Hobart Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 500576 Special? – In-Depth Review 

Easy and Comfortable to Use | User Experience in Review | 9.8/10

One of the most impressive things about this cutter is its great user experience. It is not only easy to use, you would also feel comfortable using it. And this is so important aspect regarding a hard work like cutting metals 

  • Comfortable torch 

The XT40R torch comes with this machine provides a seamless and comfortable use and control experience. It will feel natural and very comfortable in your hand. And you will feel you have the ultimate control over your work.

  • Straightforward Control Panel

The control panel of the machine is pretty simple. It consists of a clear and convenient control knob from which you can almost control anything.

  • Connect with No Tools

You can connect it with either 120 or 240 V directly with no additional tools. Just use the L6-30R twist lock to connect the adapter cord with the right plug that fits the receptacle.

Produces Super Fast & Clean Cuts | Performance In Review | 9.7/10

From metal to the other, this cutter has a stable and powerful cutting ability that results in clean cuts.

  • Reliable Cutting Thickness

With this machine, you have a cutting monster at hand that allows you to cut with tremendous power, delivering great cutting output. It provides a perfect maximum cutting thickness for different metals as follows:

  • For steel, up to 0.6 inch
  • For aluminum, up to 0.37 inch
  • For copper, up to 0.18 inch
  • For stainless, up to  0.37 inch
  • For galvanized, up to  0.37 inch
  • For brass, up to 0.25 inch 
  • Deliver Spotless Cuts

The Pilot arc controller in this cutter gives you the power to get clean cuts out of almost any metal condition, whether it is normal, expanded, perforated, or even with painted or coated surfaces.

  • Cutting Capabilities able to increase 

The engine-driven compatibility option in this cutter gives the machine an option to connect with a power cord to a 240 v generator power outlet of 8KW for more power. This could provide more power and applications.

  • Peak Cutting Performance 

It delivers a top performance power under variable voltage thanks to the line voltage compensation technology it has, which results in steady and spotless cuts all the time.

Hobart Airforce 40i cutting review

Easy to Move and Store Anywhere | Portability and Size in Review | 9.5/10

With the variety of work you want to do, the portability of a plasma cutter becomes a must. This is what this cutter provides smartly here.

  • You Can Take It Anywhere 

It comes with a weight of 21 lbs. This lightweight gives it the advantage of being portable and easily moved. It’s 30% lighter than older versions.

The two voltage options it comes with also make it suitable for any power outlet, whether it’s the ordinary household outlet or the other 220V one.

  • You Can Store It Anywhere

This machine has small-designed dimensions. So it could be easy to store anywhere at home or shop. Don’t worry about free space, it won’t be an issue.

Long-life Cutter & Consumables | Durability and Reliability in Review | 9.5/10

Investing in a plasma cutter is a long-term investment. You should pay attention to the machine’s durability and that of consumables.

  • Consumables Longevity

This cutter has a post-flow cooling circuit that works on cooling the consumables after a work cycle and normalizing their temperature. This cooling feature plays a critical role in extending the life of consumables and torch.

  • Main parts Protection 

This cutter comes with wind tunnel technology that prevents dust, debris, or unwanted particles from penetrating the PC board and other crucial components and affecting them negatively.

This wind tunnel technology protects all the essential parts of the machine, giving it a longer life

Saves Money on Long-Run | Running Costs in Review | 9.2/10

You can save power and money using the right plasma cutter. This machine is one of these money savers.

  • Money Savings with an Intelligent Cooling System

With the Fan-On-Demand in this machine, fans work when required to cool the system of the machine. It only works when the temperature reaches a degree that has to be cooled and doesn’t work all the time. Because of its on-demand nature, these fans save lots of power and ultimately money for you.

  • Efficient Amperage Usage

It draws about 30% less amperage to cut the same metal and thickness compared to competitors. This happens thanks to the power factor correction (PFC) circuitry this machine has. This minimizes the effect of voltage drops that leads to nuisance circuit breaker trips.

No Device Interference | CNC Compatibility in Review | 9/10

It is not a surprise to find this feature in a high-quality plasma cutter like this, but it is worth reminding. This machine starts without high frequency, causing no interference in the electronic devices nearby.

Satisfactory Terms |Hobart Airforce 40i Warranty in Review | 9/10

This cutter comes with satisfactory warranty terms. They are:

  • 5-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers, and main rectifiers.
  • 3-year on generators, PC boards, and drive systems
  • 1-year on guns

Sufficient Safety Procedures | Safety Options in Review | 8.8/10

When using machines like these, you should guarantee a certain degree of safety. Let’s have a look at this cutter’s Safety Procedures.

  • Thermal Overload Protection

To avoid severe damage to its internal system or its user, this plasma cutter measures the temperature and switches off when it reaches a level that could be dangerous.

  • Safety Support Cooling System

The post-flow cooling system in this cutter allows it to cool down quickly after stopping. It delivers safety for you. In addition, it protects the machine’s consumables from quickly deteriorating 

Product Package – Airforce 40i Quick Unboxing

The package of this cutter includes the following:

  • 12 ft. XT40R hand-held torch
  • 12 ft. work cable with clamp
  • 12 ft. power cord with 240 V L6-30P twist lock plug for MVP™ adapters
  • MVP™ adapters with 240 V, 50A (6-50P) plug &120 V, 15 A (5-15P) plug
  • Built-in gas/air filter and regulator for extra protection 
  • Extra consumables, including 2 tips, electrode, and shield deflector
  • Cable management included

Hobart Airforce 40i Specifications

Hobart AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter, Model:500576
Item weight21 lbs.
Dimensions (HxWxD)11.25×8.25×14.25 inches 
Duty Cycle60% duty cycle at 120V & 15A35% duty cycle at 120V & 20A 60% duty cycle at 240V & 40A
VoltageDual Voltage 120 & 240V 
Current TypeDC
Max Current40A
Maximum CutFor steel,up to 0.6 inchFor aluminum, up to 0.37 inchFor copper, up to 0.18 inchFor stainless, up to  0.37 inchFor galvanized, up to  0.37 inchFor brass, up to 0.25 inch 
ApplicationsManufacturingFarm and RanchAuto RepairConstructionDIY / Home HobbyistMetal Art / Sculptures
Warranty5-year warranty on transformers, stabilizers, and main rectifiers.3-year on generators, PC boards, and drive systems1-year on guns
Hobart Plasma Cutter Airforce 40i Specifications

Conclusion: Why You Should Get Your Hobart Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter 500576 Today!

It’s not a surprise that Hobart premium plasma cutter, Airforce 40i, gives you all this value. The powerful cutting ability that reaches 0.6-inch cutting thickness, the ultimate performance that delivers high-quality outputs, and the impeccable user’s experience. Needless to say that Hobart warranty and after-sales services are irresistible. So if you need a plasma cutter for non-industrial, or light industrial, or even occasional heavy industrial uses. This superior plasma cutter is your perfect match. You can get it super easy at the best market price at the moment through this link, Hobart AirForce 40i Plasma Cutter.

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