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Lincoln 140 MP Full Review – You Won’t Miss a Single Detail

This new and updated version of Lincoln 140, Lincoln Power MIG 140 MP, makes a market resonance recently. This multiprocess welder is a small yet powerful machine that can go with 4 types of welding: MIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux-cored with a welding capacity that reaches up to  0.31-inch thickness. The best thing about it is its competitive price.

This is just a brief part of this welder’s story. What it can also do? And what are its negatives? This is what you are about to know with this Lincoln 140 MP in-depth review.

Lincoln Power MIG 140MP MIG Welder K4498-1

Who is Lincoln 140 MP for?

This electric welder is ideal for a person:

  • Who is an Entry-level welder
  • Looking for an electric welder for light to medium work
  • Wants a well-reputable electric welder’s brand name
  • Looking for a fast and simple-to-operate electric welder
  • Seeking new, updated, and more powerful version of the ordinary Lincoln 140

Lincoln 140 MP Pros and Cons

  • Multiprocess machine
  • Weld Up to 0.31-inch metal thickness
  • 4 Welding types
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Reliable warranty term
  • Simple usage
  • Works smoothly on both steel and aluminum
  • Only works on 120V and does not support 220v, for more applications.

What makes Lincoln 140 MP Special? – Full Review 

Applications of Lincoln Power MIG in Review | Versatile & Multi-Process Machine | 9.8/10

This machine is one of a kind when it comes to the welding types it supports, at its price range. It provides:

  • 4 Welding Types

To handle lots of welding tasks, this electric welder comes with diverse types of welding. It provides:

  • MIG welding at an Amps range of  30-140. 
  • TIG welding at an Amps range of 10-120.
  • Stick welding at an Amps range of 25-90.
  • Flux-cored welding.

 These various types give it the ability to work powerfully in different applications and situations with efficient performance.

TIG Welding Using Lincoln 140 MP

  • Many Applications 

Lincoln 140 MP welding types diversity makes it a splendid choice for a wide range of applications, including home tasks, hobby artistic tasks, shop tasks, farm repairs and light constructions, and auto-body tasks.

Lincoln 140 MP comes with a great warranty term, with a decent guarantee period and conditions as follows:

  • 3 years on all parts
  • 1 year for gas regulator
  • 90 days for the MIG gun.

This is an excellent warranty term that provides you with a worry-free purchase for this machine.

Performance of Lincoln 140 MP in Review | Good Thickness Capacity | 9.4/10

Tremendous power in a small machine. This is how we could describe the power and performance of this small electric welder.

  • Up to 0.31-inch Metal Thickness:

This machine has a welding capacity of up to  0.31-inch thickness. This makes it a powerful machine in multiple conditions. Note that: welding thickness could vary from one metal to another, but overall, it doesn’t vary much.

  • Steel and aluminum

Lincoln 140 MP is a great electric welder for both steel and aluminum with different thickness levels. So you can effectively complete your welding tasks on any of the two metals.

Note: To know the exact setting to weld a specific metal at a specific thickness, straight through the detailed guide with the machine 

  • 6 Minutes of Work Cycle 

Lincoln 140 MP can weld for continuous 6 minutes at different amps and voltage levels according to the type of welding as follows:

  • MIG at 95A/18.75V
  • TIG at 115A/14.6V
  • Stick at 80A/23.2V

This is a relatively good work cycle that can be used for light to medium work.

  • For Light to Medium Work

Before getting this machine, it’s crucial to know that it is a powerful solution for light to medium works. But it’s not the best choice for heavy industrial tasks.

Operations of Power MIG 140 MP in Review | Simple to Use and Easy to Run | 9/10

Lincoln Power MIG 140MP MIG Welder K4498-1

For an entry-level welder, it seems intuitive that he should get an electric welder with simple operations and straightforward usage. This is what we have at this Lincoln Power MIG140.

  • Two Knob Operation

You can simply control the wire feed speed and voltage by using two straightforward knobs, which give you all the options. You can also select or change the process type of welding straightforwardly with just a clear single button.

  • Wire Feed Speed

With a good wire Feed speed range of 40-500 ipm, you have relatively decent control over the speed you want.

Portability and Workplaces in Review | Portable with a Slight Problem | 8.4/10

Weight is the last issue you should consider regarding this Lincoln 140 MP. But there is another minor issue you should pay attention to.

  • Lightweight and Ready to carry

This electric welder is a 34.5 lbs machine. Its weight makes it perfect to carry with you anywhere you go. Moving it around makes it simple for you to switch from one task to the other without struggling and wasting lots of time.

  • One Voltage Option 

Its 120V Input Power makes it a great fit for home tasks, as you can plug it into any regular power household outlet. On the opposite side, lacking the option of 220V Input Power narrows the circle of applications you can use it for, as you can not use it with 220V power outlets. But as we said before, this machine is for light and medium tasks, so this should not be a severe problem.

Power MIG140 MP Package – Quick Unboxing:

Gun Items Set

  • A gun (Magnum® PRO 100L) with 10 ft. cable assembly and brass connection and 8-pin trigger connector 
  • 10 ft. cable assembly 
  • brass connection and 8-pin trigger connector 
  • .025 in. tapered contact tips 
  • .035 in. tapered contact tips 
  • Gasless nozzle (for Innershield® welding)
  • Gas nozzle (for MIG welding)
  • Spindle adapter for 8 in. diameter spools
  • .025 – .035 in. wire diameter dual track drive roll for MIG and flux-cored

Shielding Gas Apparatus Items Set

  • Gas Regulator (Harris®) 
  • 52 in. hose for use with Ar/ CO2 blend gases 

Welding Wire Items Set:

  • .025 in. diameter Sample spool  
  • .035 in. diameter Sample spool 
  • MIG wire (SuperArc® L-56® premium)
  • Flux-cored wire (Innershield® NR®-211-MP)

 Additional Items 

  • Work clamp with 10 ft. cable 
  • Electrode holder with 10 ft. cable for stick welding
  • Instruction manual 
  • User’s guide

Lincoln 140 MP Specifications

Lincoln Power MIG 140MP MIG Welder K4498-1
Welding TypesMIG, TIG, Stick, and Flux-cored 
Weldable Metals Steel and aluminum 
Metal Thickness(For a single pass)Up to 0.31 inch
Applications AutomotiveDistilleryMaintenance & Repair Repair Welding
Voltage 120V Input Power
Duty Cycle 60% for MIG welding at 95A/18.75V60% for TIG welding at 115A/14.6V60% for Stick welding at 80A/23.2V
Wire Feed Speed40-500 ipm
Dimensions (H x W x L)13.6 x 8.9 x 18.1 inches
Weight34.5 lbs 
Warranty3 years warranty 

Conclusion: Why You Should Get Your Lincoln 140 MP Today!

This excellent machine from Lincoln is a valuable welding machine for an entry-level or armature welder. It deserves to be in the kit of each one looking for an electric welder for light to medium work. Many reasons could make it your best choice, including but not limited to: the 4 welding types you can apply to the endless application, the massive welding thickness ability, the lightweight, the competitive price, and the list could go on!. You can get this miraculous electric welder today at the best price through Amazon with just a few simple touches on Lincoln Power MIG 140MP MIG Welder.

9.5Expert Score

Our rating for Lincoln 140 MP, that’s recommended plasma cutter under $1000 with powerful cutting.

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