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Osaki OS 4000xt Massage Chair Review – Ultimate Evaluation

You got a highly experienced massage therapist at home! This is the promise Osaki gives, introducing its OS 4000xt advanced massage chair. This premium massage chair is one of the most intelligent products in the market. Osaki OS 4000xt has a highly precise Ache Sensor that detects the main pain points and adjusts its massaging style to target them with a focused massage. It also provides a fantastic full-body massage and offers a wide range of massaging programs and techniques, suit your daily condition, whatever it is.

In the next few minutes, you are going to know almost everything about this recliner. 

We are going to answer vital quests about it, including:

  • What makes it special, and what is not good about it?
  • Could the 15 minutes session of this massage chair really heal your body and provide you with a super relaxation adventure?

In this Osaki OS 4000xt massage chair review, we are going to break down the product feature one by one, and give you a complete overview of this product to know if it is the best fit for you, or you should look for another product.

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Osaki OS 4000xt Massage Chair Positives and Negatives Review

  • Accurate Ache Sensor detects painful body areas
  • Full-body effective massage and muscles relieve
  • Wide range of programs and modes to tailor your experience
  • Extendable foot rollers form maximum foot comfort
  • Premium Bluetooth speakers with 4D sound 
  • Two special zero-gravity positions for ultimate relaxation
  • Space Saving technology, no need for extra-wide space
  • Great warranty term
  • Lumbar heat needs to be more intense
  • No hamstring massage

Massage Chairs | What you should consider?

Because of the hundreds of products in the market, picking up the perfect massage chair could be a little confusing.

Massage chairs are body pain relievers and relaxation agents in the first place. Once you buy it, it becomes one of your daily or weekly rituals, and its long-term investment lasts for a not-short amount of time.

You should look for various factors regarding the product you want to buy, including:

  • Degree of comfort 
  • Type of massage You Need
  • Durability
  • Features matching your budget 
  • Warranty term 
  • Of course, Functions available

Who is Osaki OS 4000xt for?

Osaki OS 4000xt is ideal for a person:

  • Seeking customized massage tailored for your body’s painful areas needs.
  • Seeking a Top-notch massage provider that delivers one of the highest experiences in the market.
If you have a low budget and searching for more affordable yet powerful and great options to get a decent massaging experience, you can check the Best Massage Chair under $1000.

What makes Osaki OS 4000xt massage chair perform like a highly experienced massage therapist? 

In this Osaki OS 4000xt massage chair complete review, we will go for what edges this product has over competitors.

Ache Sensor of Osaki OS 4000xt in review | Focuses Intelligently on Pain Points

Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control, Brown, Ache Sensor, L-Track Massage, 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode, 6 Massage Styles, 6 Auto Massage Programs, Space Saving Technology

One of the most significant differences between therapist’s massage and massage chairs is the therapist’s ability to focus on the achiest parts that require more massaging and care.

Think of it, not all body parts need equal intensity and techniques all the time. The achier a specific body area feels, the more focused massage this area requires. 

  • Ache Sensor uses advanced technology to accurately detect the aching points of your body when your finger just touches the sensor. Accordingly, the massage session would be focused more on the points that have been detected as aching points, and they would get a special massaging experience to free them of pain.
  • L-track rollers system. The L-track system starts massaging from the neck and goes through the lower back, glutes, and then ends up in the upper hamstrings area. This track provides a great glute massaging experience and works on releasing all muscles knots.
  • It would provide you with the maximum possible comfort by targeting and relieving the sorest body areas.

Full Body massage of Osaki OS 4000xt in review  | All-Embracing Body Relaxing Experience 

Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control, Brown, Ache Sensor, L-Track Massage, 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode, 6 Massage Styles, 6 Auto Massage Programs, Space Saving Technology

4000xt provides one of a kind full-body experience that consists of:

  • 24 Strong Airbags located at each body part from shoulders up to claves down. They work mainly in a compressing movement to promote circulation and enhance pain and tension relief. Unlike lots of products in the market that contain a large number of airbags, but with a weak performance, these 24 airbags perform powerfully and intensely.
  • Fingers-like Foot Rollers located in the bottom of your feet. The roller, along with the airbags in this area, provides a deep massage at the bottom of your feet.
  • Extendable Footrest with up to 6.5 extended lengths for taller people. You can check the best massage chairs for a big and tall person here. 

Ultimate Control of Osaki OS 4000xt in review  | Endless Options

Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control, Brown, Ache Sensor, L-Track Massage, 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode, 6 Massage Styles, 6 Auto Massage Programs, Space Saving Technology

  • 6 Pre-set Programs including Strengthen, Neck/Shoulder, Thai, Recover, and Sleeping and Relax: 
    • Strengthen: A program designed specially to support strength training.
    • Neck/Shoulder: A program focuses on two of the most painful and suffering body parts, neck, and shoulders.
    • Thai: uses pulling, rocking, and stretching techniques, and it provides a wide range of benefits.
    • Recover: This is a deep massaging technique specially designed to enhance athletic recovery and help to support their performance.
    • Sleeping and Relax: A program designed to help in ultimate relaxation before going to sleep
  • 6 Manual Massage Styles including strong Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, Swedish, and Shiatsu.
    • Kneading: a technique depending mainly on appalling deep pressure on the targeted areas, compressing the muscles.
    • Clapping: is a technique performed using palms in a downward position and forming quick and consistent movements on the body.
    • Rolling: in other words, “Skin rolling” is a technique that focuses mainly on loosening the skin, allowing muscles to release their tension and recover more quickly.
    • Swedish: it also called “classic massage” its primary goal is to release muscles tension and promote ultimate relaxation.
    • Shiatsu: it is a technique that uses consistent pressure, which varies from light to heavy physical pressure u palm using the palm or thumb. 
  •  You can choose a specific style for a specific body area and let the massager start his work.

Supreme Relaxation of Osaki OS 4000xt in review | Top-notch comfort 

  • 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode: What is better than reaching the state of weightlessness! The 2 step zero-gravity mode this chair supports puts your body in a 100% stress-free position, driving it to a maximum comfort state. It’s a perfect position to enjoy your massage.
  • Built-in heat: with two heating pads located in the lower back, the Lumbar area gets a consistent amount of moderate heat to promote circulation and improve blood flow.

Bluetooth Speakers of Osaki OS 4000xt in review | Entertainment while massaging 

With its high-quality built-in Bluetooth speakers. You can listen to your favorite music while getting your session. The four speakers within the chair provide a 4D sound to entertain you during your massage.

Build and Design Of Osaki OS 4000xt in review | a Combination of Durability & Elegance

  • Space Saving Technology: you need just a very few inches from the wall for the chair to get fully reclined. Thanks to the innovative design made by the company’s engineers. You would save space using this recliner.
  • Strong Frame and luxurious leather: this chair comes with high-quality construction materials that form the body of the chair. This makes it a durable and tough product.
  • LED Light Control: what makes the design more elegant is the soft LED lights on his sides. These lights give great looking and, In addition, it could help you relax in a dimly lit room.

Osaki OS 4000xt massage chair Warranty in review | Great Terms included 

Three-Year Standard Warranty against defects of Manufacturer’s Parts and Labor provided by Titan Chair LLC.

The company provides a three years warranty with this product, and you can pay for additional warranty extensions.

Within 3 years of buying this product, here are the things the company covers and what does not cover:

What is covered?

  • Labor, framework, and all parts defects of the chair.
  • In the first year,  parts costs and labor warranty with no cost to the consumer.
  • In the second year, parts costs have no cost to the consumer.
  • The additional, paid, extended warranty covers labor and parts costs till its ending period.

What is not covered:

  • Any incurred shipping expenses or damages.
  • Incorrect installation damage or unauthorized repairs outside the warranty.
  • Modifications to the product and the instability of the power supply that may cause electric damages to the chair.
  • Improper use of the product or not following usage instructions.
  • Uncontrolled environmental disasters and bad weather conditions.
  • Products purchased from an unofficial source 

Osaki OS 4000xt massage chair Manual 

If you want to get in-depth details about how to set up the chair, and how to use it properly. You can simply view or download the product manual PDF file with one tap here.

Osaki OS 4000xt Specifications:

  • Item Net Weight: 175.2 lbs.
  • Voltage :110 -120V
  • Power consumption: 100W 

Osaki OS 4000xt Dimensions (L × W × H)

  • Upright: 60.6 x 28.8 x 44.5 inches
  • Reclined: 70.9 x 28.8 x 37.0 inches
Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control, Brown, Ache Sensor, L-Track Massage, 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode, 6 Massage Styles, 6 Auto Massage Programs, Space Saving Technology

  • Session timer: 15 minutes per session 
  • Weight Recommendation: 220 lbs.
  • Warranty term: three years standard warranty


Does Osaki massage chair have Bluetooth?

A wide range of Osaki products come with Bluetooth speakers to maximize the enjoyment of massage sessions, including Osaki OS 4000xt massage chair that provides a clear high-quality 4D sound.

Is Osaki a good brand?

Osaki is a brand name of a massage chair’s product line produced by Titan World LLC. Titan is one of the world-leading companies in the market of fitness, massage equipments, and pain-relieving tools.

Although Osaki name is a Japanese name, the company is located in the United States.

It produces a large percentage of its products in China, Taiwan, or Japan but according to the American market standards as it sells  95% of these products to the American market.

Osaki has a wide range of products that vary in features and prices and targets different customer types, but they all have common characteristics of reliability and trustworthiness.

How To clean Osaki OS 4000xt Massage Chair?

Cleaning of the synthetic leather and plastic parts of the chair are pretty similar:

What to avoid:

Do not use chemicals like alcohol, thinners, or gasoline.
Don’t dry the surface with a hair dryer.
Be careful when wiping the leather with colored cloth, as the synthetic leather may be dyed by fabric colors.

What to do:

Put a piece of soft cloth into water or more preferably 3% to 5% neutral detergent contained hot water and then wire it out.
Wrung the cloth well.
Wipe the leather or the plastic part with the soft cloth.
Expose the leather to natural air and don’t use any tool to dry it.

Our Verdict 

9.5Expert Score

OS 4000xt revolutionary ability to precisely determining the most painful areas of the body in just seconds, and customize its massaging experience based on that, gives it a unique edge over other products. The full-body massage and foot care, along with the ultimate control you got in the accompanied 6 preset programs and the 6 styles, make this product a really outstanding choice. If you are really serious about giving your body a stunning comfort and relaxation experience tailored specially for its needs and pain points, OS 4000xt is exactly what you are looking for.

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