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PrimeWeld Cut60 Complete Review, Don’t buy before reading

Speaking to a wide range of people and targeting lots of budgets, PrimeWeld introduced its Versatile, dual voltage plasma cutter, PrimeWeld Cut60. The machine stands high for its spotless cuts and the quality of output its upgraded torch provides. It simply offers incomparable value at its price range.

But does this machine have hidden drawbacks? And if it has, would these drawbacks ruin your experience with this powerful cutter?

In this PrimeWeld Cut60 Review, we will go through each aspect of the machine, examining it and offering objective feedback. You will walk away from this review with everything about this plasma cutter. 

PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter 110V/220V Dual Voltage 3 Year Warranty

Who is PrimeWeld Cut60 for?

This plasma cutter is ideal for a person:

  • Seeking the cleanest cutting experience in the market at this price range.
  • Looking for top-notch customer support.
  • Needs a versatile machine to use at work and home.
  • Wants long-life consumables
  • PrimeWeld Cut60 Pros and Cons

    • One of the cleanest cutting experiences at this price range
    • Excellent cutting ability reaches up to 1-inch thickness cut
    • First-rate torch delivers effective outputs.
    • High-quality Build materials
    •  Versatile machine
    • The best customer support in the market
    • Portable and easy to carry 
    • The instruction manual is pretty bad and hard to be understood 
    • It comes with a MOSFET Inverter instead of an IGBT

    What makes PrimeWeld Cut60 Plasma Cutter Special? – Full Review 

    Legendary Support Service | Customer Support in Review | 10/10

    Plasma cutters are one of these products that come typically with lots of inquires about work cases that perfectly match your work conditions and many other sudden questions that are hard to predict, and this requires, in most cases, a specialist’s advice.

    That’s why choosing a well, reputable brand name with good after-sale service is essential, and PrimeWeld is one of those brands that make their customers and their complaints at the top of their priorities.

    PrimeWeld has an incredible customer support staff dedicated to solving customers’ problems and addressing their complaints in the best possible way.

    The majority of PrimeWeld customers are extremely happy and satisfied with this brand’s customer support. The company calls its customer support “Legendary Customer Service” and yes, they are.

    Three-years Warranty | PrimeWeld Cut60 Warranty in Review | 9.7/10

    Adding these warranty terms to the legendary customer services this brand has, you got an excellent formula of what this brand stands for. You would not worry about any tiny issue regarding your purchase as this team backs your machine. They ensure that all replacement parts are available, offer free of fees warranty returns, and a money-back guarantee.

    Versatile Machine at Hand | Dual Voltage In Review | 9.7/10

    You can use it at home, at the worksite, or literally anywhere that has is a power outlet. It is a dual-voltage cutter with both 120V and 240V power input. This makes it also suitable for any kind of work, whether it is light and requires a little amount of power or heavily and requires a vast amount of power. It also could be used to make artistic patterns in metals.

    Powerful Pilot Arc | PrimeWeld cut 60 machine torch in Review | 9.4/10

    Dealing with metals requires power and efficiency to get the tough work done. PrimeWeld Cut60  torch is a masterpiece that provides more than this. Wondering why? Let’s inspect.

    Spotless Cuts and highly effective consumables | 9.5/10

    The Pilot Arc torch included in PrimeWeld Cut60 will guarantee you there would be cleaner cuts and long life for consumables. It gives you spotless cutting as it goes through metals like nothing thanks to its power design. It gives long life for consumables as well, because of its ability to start cutting without having to touch the metal. This is because of blow-back start technology. Not touching metals while cutting results in fewer damages to consumables that happen because of touching metals while cutting.

    Optimal for Long and Short Time Cuts | 9.5/10

    You can press and hold the torch to start cutting, and release to stop. This is perfect for short time cuts, and this is called 2T mode. On the other side, you can press and release to start cutting. You don’t have to keep holding the trigger during the cutting cycle, and this is called 4T mode. PrimeWeld Cut60 comes with both 2T and 4T modes to suit perfectly both short and long cuts.

    Cut Smoothly at Various Metals | 9.4/10

    The IPT-60 torch comes with this plasma cutter can cut smoothly any kind of electrically conductive metal, including mild steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and many other types of metal.

    Top Quality cuts at high thickness levels | 9.5/10

    Cutting thickness is one of the priorities one looks for when buying a plasma cutter. Fortunately, PrimeWeld cut 60 plasma cutter makers share the same priority. This cutter comes with an excelling cutting thickness, goes up to a 1-inch severance cut. Let’s take a look at its abilities 

    At 60A & 220V:

    • It has a 0.8-inch maximum clean cut.
    • It has a 1-inch maximum severance cut.

    At 30A & 110V:

    • It has a 0.25-inch maximum clean cut.
    • It has a 0.45-inch maximum severance cut.

    Note: the cutting thickness ability we just explained was tested on mild steel metal, but it also applies for different metals, with just slight changes if there are.

    Operated by Computer | PrimeWeld cut60 CNC In Review | 9.2/10 

    This is a perfect plasma cutter for CNC work. That means you can attach it to a plasma table, connect it to a computer system using the CNC port on its back, and control it using the computer. You would get your work done by giving some commands to the computer.

    Long-life consumables | PrimeWeld cut 60 consumables in Review | 9.2/10

    20pcs 52582 Electrode 51313 Tip Nozzle 1.0mm for Plasma Cutter Torch IPT-60 PT60

    As consumables are part of the plasma cutter’s torch, the more good the torch is, the more the consumables will be good, too. The IPT-60 pilot arc torch that is included with this cutter provides long life for the consumables thanks to the non-touch technology, it has. It prevents dross from closely interacting with the consumables, protecting them from the dross harm effect. 

    Furthermore, The IPT-60 torch is highly popular in the market and its consumables are widely available. You would get them with ease.

    You can get these plasma cutter consumables from Amazon with just a few touches through Mtsooning Electrode & Nozzle for a :PT60 torch.

    These Consumables package includes:

    • 10Pcs Electrodes.
    • 10Pcs Nozzles.

    Easy to carry and move | Portability in Review | 8.8/10

    Alongside its dual voltage nature, it weights only 34 lbs., this cutter can be easily be carried and moved anywhere effortlessly. In addition, you can attach it quickly and easily to generators and welders.

    Sufficient Work Cycles | Duty Cycle in Review | 8.6/10

    6 minutes of continuous work at the power of 30 A/92 V and 10 continuous minutes of work at the power of 23A/89.3 V. 

    This plasma cutter has sufficient work cycle time with good cut output, allowing you to get your work done in as little time as possible.

    MOSFET Inverter| Inverter Technology in Review | 7/10

    Operated by MOSFET Inverter technology, this machine optimizes the usage of power and prevents power from flowing through the circuit gateway of the device. But there is a slight drawback. At this price range, lots of cutter uses IGBT inverter, which is more efficient in saving and controlling power. The MOSFET Inverter is good. But if PrimeWeld used an IGBT inverter, the cutter would be more efficient.

    Detailed, still has an Issue | User’s manual in Review | 6.5/10

    This cutter comes with a detailed user’s manual addressing almost anything related to the products from its specifications, how to set it up and use it to its functions. But there is a little issue with the manual. It is written with a very poor linguistic ability, making it hard to read and be understood. 

    Despite this issue, the machine is very easy to set up, and you can always call customer service if you face any inquiry or problem with setup or usage. They are extremely responsive.

    Package Components

    PRIMEWELD CUT60 60Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc PT60 Torch Plasma Cutter 110V/220V Dual Voltage 3 Year Warranty

    PrimeWeld Cut60 comes well packaged, included in molded foam within a cardboard box, and accessories are well packaged too. The package contains 6 items:

    1. Cutting torch IPT60
    2. 220v to 110v adapter
    3. CNC Plug
    4. Ground Clamp with 12 feet cable
    5. User manual
    6. Hand-hold mask and hammer brush

    PrimeWeld Cut60 unboxing and cutting ability test review.

    PrimeWeld Cut60 Complete Review, Don’t buy before reading

    PrimeWeld Cut60 Specifications

    • Item weight: 34 lbs.
    • Material: Steel 
    • Duty Cycle: 60% at max rating 120/240V,100% at 23A & 120V, and 100% at 46A & 240V
    • Voltage: dual voltage 120/240
    • Max Current: 60A
    • Maximum Cut: 0.8 inch
    • Maximum Clean Cut: 1 inch
    • Input power frequency: 50/60Hz
    • Cutting torch length: 20 ft.
    • Air Pressure: 40-75 PSI
    • Airflow Requires: 5 CFM @ 80 PSI

    Conclusion: Why You Should Get Your PrimeWeld Cut60 Today!

    Combining impeccable clean cutting, and legendary customer support, and after-sales service is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. PrimeWeld is the genie that offers you this chance, providing you with PrimeWeld Cut60 plasma cutter. Disregarding the user’s manual issue, this is a versatile machine with a robust pilot arc torch you can carry and use wherever you need. Furthermore, it provides long-life consumables, making huge long-term savings for you. Simply PrimeWeld Cut60 is a super winning bargain at his price level.

    9.7Expert Score

    Best Plama Cutter with affordable price.

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