Your Phone Is Having Trouble Connecting To Ring? [Solved]

It’s amazing how we can make everything in our life smart. It makes us feel a high level of control with the least effort. For me, I’m concerned about my home security. I always surf the internet to find the best smart doorbell.

So, I decided to buy the Ring doorbell as I found a lot of features I need. Unfortunately, I had trouble when I tried to connect my phone to the ring doorbell device. While I was searching for how to solve my problem, I found some other ring issues which customers face.

In this article, I will talk about how to solve the problems you get when you connect to the Ring device. 

First, I’d like to explain my reasons why ring doorbell is the best choice for my safety at home:

  • Ring doorbell is a smart doorbell used for achieving a high level of security and safety at your home. It connects to Wi-Fi and transfers data to smartphones and tablets using Ring application. It is free for Apple, Android, and Windows 10 devices.
  • Ring doorbell is a two-way communication device that alerts you when someone presses the button. You can see and talk to the person outside through an HD video stream. It can also detect the people’s motion especially if burglars are trying to steal your home. 
  • You can receive a notification through the Ring application even if you are not at home. 

Ring is a home security company owned by Amazon. Their main office is in Santa Monica, California with a secondary office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

However, some people complain of having trouble connecting the Ring doorbell through their smartphones.

Here are 5 reasons if Your Phone Is Having Trouble Connecting To Ring

1- Wrong Wi-Fi Password:

Check the top half of the circle of your device. If you find it flashing, make sure that the Wi-Fi password is right. Then, repeat the setup process.

2- Poor Wi-Fi Signal:

Ring application could take several seconds to connect. You can also find your connection by noticing the right side of the circle of your device. If you find it flashing, that means you have a poor Wi-Fi signal.

You can solve that by checking your internet speed.

But first, you can check the strength on your mobile with the following steps:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Select the Ring device you want to test.
  3. Tap on the Device Health.


If the Wi-Fi signal is poor because the router is far away from the ring device, you can buy Ring Chime Pro. It is a separate device used to extend your network signaling. It also amplifies your notifications to improve the performance of the Ring doorbell anywhere at your home.


3- Battery issue:

If your device is not working even when it is plugged in and the battery is charged, it is a battery issue.

When the battery is dead, your device can’t connect again. So, you should replace it with a new one from the ring store. 

4- Low voltage:

Check the voltage through your Ring app. If the voltage is less than 3900 mV, the Ring doorbell won’t work properly. In this case, you have to replace the capacitor.

Other issues related to the Ring doorbell and not related to the phone connection:

1- Camera issue:

In some cases, you will need to buy your ring device with a new camera to regain its capability. 

2- Speakers and Microphone issues:

Also, you may need to change the speaker and/or microphone of the ring doorbell. Just make sure first that speaker and microphone are enabled from the ring app. 

3- Ring doorbell button issue:

If the audio and notifications settings are enabled but the button isn’t responsive, you need to change it.

Other frequently asked questions by ring device owners:

1- Are there any devices that can’t be connected with the Ring doorbell?

Yes, Blackberry and Windows 8 devices can’t be connected to the ring.

2- Does Ring doorbell could be connected with multiple users?

Yes, the main user can enable the “shared user” option on your ring app. That makes multiple users get notifications to their smartphones.  

3- Could Ring doorbell be connected to other devices using Bluetooth?

No, Ring doorbell only uses Wi-Fi networks to be connected.

4- If the battery of the Ring doorbell low, will the user receive notification for this?

Yes, the Ring app has the feature of a low battery warning. Also, the user will receive an email reminder.

5- Does the Ring doorbell need to be connected during the setup process?

No, the setup is wirelessly by the Ring app through the smart device only.

6- Which version of Android, Apple, and Windows devices are suitable for Ring app?

  1. Version 5.0 or newer of android users.
  2. IOS 8 or newer for Apple users.
  3. Windows 10 for devices that support windows system.

7- How much time does the battery take to recharge?

The ring will fully charge in 4-5 hours with a 2.1 amp charger, and in 9-10 hours with 1 amp charger.

8- Does Ring Video doorbell support WPA2?

Yes, it supports WPA2, WPA, and WEP.

9- What are the quality of videos recorded by ring doorbell and ring doorbell pro?

Ring doorbell’s camera has a 180-degree field of view with 720p. 

However, the camera of ring doorbell pro has a more limited field of view of a 160-degree with 1080p.

10- Is there a monthly charge for Ring doorbell?

If the user needs premium Ring video recording plans, he will be charged a cost monthly or yearly subscription.

However, All Ring devices will operate without additional fees or subscriptions.

[Video] How to Troubleshoot Ring Video Doorbell Setup Issues:

Finally, I am very satisfied with my ring doorbell. I also realized that it’s easy to use and most problems I faced were manageable. So, I highly recommend it as a very good and simple smart tool for your security.

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